Short Rentals/ Airbnb Property Management

A. Operations and Management

1. Repair and Maintenance

2. Ensuring proper running of Water supply, Gas, Electricity etc

3. Handling cleaning Staff

B. Short Rentals / Airbnb Property Management

1. Adding/Changing products to get the House ready for Short Rentals like:
– Changing interiors (if required)
– Essentials Eg- bedsheets, comforter, Towels, Toiletries, Kitchen Appliances etc
– Entertainment- Netflix, amazon prime etc subscription , Board Games, Bean bags etc
– Safety- Fire Extinguishers, First aid kit, Security etc

2. Professional photography of the property

3. Listing on third party sites like airbnb, etc

4. Managing bookings and Communicating with Guests

5. Managing Check in and check out of Guests and Hospitality

Our Process

After finalising the property with the owner, we make necessary changes for renting out. We then list the property on websites like Airbnb, verbo, etc and manage everything from check in to check out.

Why Landlords should go for short Rentals/ Vacation Homes and not Long term Rentals?


Why hire a Professional Agency for this?

1. Screening guests and approving requests as frequently as every few days. Addressing a constant stream of inquiries.

2. Arranging key exchanges, organizing your calendar to avoid vacancies and double bookings, and adjusting your price points to optimize revenue.

3. Cleaning and maintaining the home between visits as well as regularly stocking up on essentials that guests will expect access to throughout their stay.

4. Maintaining hospitality with the guests.

5. We specialize in maximizing the rental incomes for our Property Owners, through our technical skills. We also manage the guest expectations to ensure great reviews that help in getting even more business. 

6. Securing the guests which requires strategic marketing and continuous efforts.


Pricing Model

a. x% of the short rentals received from each customer or third party websites as per the case may be. OR
b. y% of the profits earned (Difference of rental income and expense incurred)



We’ll render the Owner a monthly accounting of rents received and expenses paid (including our commission as per the agreed terms)

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Slide Affable focuses on managing Vacation homes & Holidays Rentals for landlords, investment property owners and web generating high yields through short term rentals like Airbnbs.

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